Gnome Grown - 2019 BoM

Join us on the FatCat Friends Facebook group for monthly reminders.
Starts January 1, 2019, the last being offered on October 1, 2019.
Blocks will be offered on the first of the month. Downloadable for one month only.
Missed blocks will be available for purchase at the bottom of this page.

This Month's Block


Yardage and cutting Instructions

Can't wait?
You can purchase the entire pattern NOW in the FatCat STore.

If you miss an installment, or come to the party late, past blocks are available below for a small charge. Or join us on the FatCat Friends Facebook group for monthly reminders.

This is where you can pick up missed blocks, or pick one up ahead of release.

Block 1 - January - 3.00

Block 2 - February - 3.00

Block 3 - March - 3.00

Block 4 - April - 3.00

Block 5 - May - 3.00

Block 6 - June - 3.00

Block 7 - July - 3.00

Block 8 - August - FREE

Block 9 - September - 3.00

Block 10 - October - 3.00

Free downloads are Only available during the run of the BoM. I am terribly sorry, but I simply am not able to handle requests for individual blocks (either past or still to come), for whatever reason, and will not respond to such requests. My BOMs are offered as an applique project. Each month you will be able to "order" then download a PDF file with the full-size applique design. If you are following along with this project, I recommend you mark your calendars and come in early to download the monthly installments.